J & J's Story

Jasper and Jasmine are two happily rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc. pugs who will be ‘married’ in a highly publicised exclusive charity fundraising event in Melbourne on the 17th of May, 2015.

Surrendered into care during April of 2013, Jasmine and Jasper were so morbidly obese they struggled to breathe, turning blue on their car ride from their previous home.

Jasper and Jasmine were both was virtually blind due to thick brown pigment covering the corneas of their eyes due to pigmentary keratitis.

Jasper was also desperately in need of major dental work to relieve his constant discomfort, and suffering from entropion which meant his eyelids had curled in so much that his eyelashes were rubbing painfully against his delicate eyes.

Our team sprung into action and their rehabilitation began with a pudgy-puggy bootcamp program to help shed their life-threatening excessive weight. A strict diet and regular exercise regime saw both Jasmine and Jasper lose in excess of 3kg each and gain much needed fitness.

In partnership with Animal Eye Care, the task of saving and restoring both Jasmine and Jasper's eyesight began. Both were placed on a regime of twice-daily eye drops to slowly thin and remove the blindness-causing pigmentation.

Next, Jasper underwent specialist entropion surgery to reshape and remodel his eyelids. With several weeks of rehab, including regular specialist check ups, having to endure a plastic collar on his head, being crated, and lots and LOTS of care provided by his Pug Rescue family, Jasper’s eyesight-saving surgery was deemed a success.

Major dental work was to follow thanks to our friends at Knox Vet Clinic for Jasper with teeth cleaning and removals undertaken.

Now rescued and rehabilitated it was time to find Jasmine and Jasper a forever home.

We knew they needed to be adopted as a pair, have their ongoing sight-restoring eyedrops continued, and to be with pug-parents who would value them as part of their family.

A screening process, including written adoption applications, phone calls and house-checks that included 'meet and greets' with Jasper and Jasmine were conducted.

Sadly, many potential adopters were not a perfect match for Jasmine and Jasper, and so the search continued.

Seven months after they entered Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc.’s care Jasmine and Jasper finally found their perfect forever home! 

Their adoptive family had been researching pugs for the previous two years and initially applied for a different adoptee. The team at Pug Rescue felt that Jasmine and Jasper were a much better match for their apartment and lifestyle though!

A house-check/meet and greet occurred and, after much jumping up and down, rolling around and throwing cushions off the families couch, spreading their pug hair everywhere and sharing their puggy kisses, Jasmine and Jasper would say the rest is history.

Now loved and very adored, Jasmine has regained over 70% of her vision with Jasper having nearly perfect eyesight. 

They both walk 3 kilometres+ on a daily basis, are regulars at their local cafes and restaurants, enjoy a wardrobe of clothes, homemade food, many beds to choose from and so much more. 

Jasmine and Jasper are truly living the pug life and, after 7 years of dating, Jasper can’t wait to make Jasmine his puggy wife! 

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