The Wedding Party March 28, 2015 12:21

Well hello everypuggy, it’s been such a huge week. After many nervous moments we are so happy to announce our bridal party. Chief Bridesmaid is none other than Fancy Nancy, she has already tried to catch Jasper out by dancing on the table, but he didn’t fall for her moves, he only has eyes for Jasi. The flower girl is Princess Pixie who is taking her job very seriously, she is sniffing all different flowers and making sure they are sweet to the puggy nose.


Feisty Frank is the best man, Jasper is thrilled and is confident Frank will arrange a great bucks night. Gorgeous Gav is page boy he hopes when he gets old enough he can find a special lady, that’s right ladies “He is single.” So we hope you have brought your tickets as they are selling fast and you can share the special day with us. Love Jasper and Jasi xxx

It's the Wedding of The Year! March 22, 2015 00:37

Hello Very Important Puggy People and Very Important Pugs!

We are wagging our puggy tails extra hard with sheer excitement and are SO happy to announce our upcoming wedding to you all!

What's even better is that we've decided to make it the major fundraising event of the year for our rescue friends at PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC!!

As Jasmine deserves nothing but the best, our wedding is (of course) a very exclusive gala event.

It'll feature celebrity sightings of both the human and pug kind, bubbly on arrival to make you humans giggle, and super tasty canapés throughout that we hope (translated: demand!) you share with us.  

We'll have plenty of wedding cake to share around, a puggy treat bar that's already getting four paws up from us on the yum-factor, a silent auction of awesome products to bid on and win, music that Jasmine and I'll be tapping our puggy paws to, a super cool photobooth for essential puggy wedding selfies, chances to win prizes and of course - lots and lots and LOTS of pugs!

Jasmine is extremely excited about the beautiful couture wedding dress she’ll be wearing on the day that's being styled by a super-secret celebrity designer - but of course not I'm not allowed to see it yet.

We're asking that all our guests dress up and wear their best cocktail glam, and I'd better make sure I don’t miss my next puggy suit fitting again or my lovely bride will not be happy.

We're sending pug hugs and kisses to say thank you to everyone and everypuggy who is planning to join us at this gala event, and in turn support our Pug Rescue friends.

You can help out by buying Tickets, gifting via the Gift Registry or even just donating via the Wishing Well to help us cover the costs of our big day!

Make sure you come back often and visit us to stay up to date with all the pre-wedding craziness!

Jasper the Groom-to-be! xxx