The Best Man's duties May 05, 2015 19:03

Hello Everypuggy,

It’s Best Man Feisty Frank checking in!

I can’t believe in under two weeks Jasper & Jasmine will put a ring on it and tie the knot!

In between having tantrums for food, letting Nancy have her way with me and keeping that silly young pug brat Gav in line, I’ve been slowly ticking the items of my Best Man to do list. I think that I have just about everything under control but as my human mum says, you never know what is going to happen one day to the next.

As you already know, I have organised for Godwin Charli to design the tuxedo’s for Jasper, Gav and myself with final fittings booked in for the end of the week. We should all look very dapper on the day! Gav says he is trying to buff up a bit as he is afraid he is going to look scrawny next to mine and Jasper’s buff puggy physiques. I hope a certain bridesmaid named Nancy appreciates the effort that I have gone to!

The Bachelor Party that I organised at the pub was a complete success. Gav licked the beer taps clean, Wilbur danced on the bar, Ed got legless, Ollie was king of karaoke and Jasper showed us all up with his pool shark abilities. Who would have thought that our adventures would make it to the big screen on Channel 10 News! In case you missed it, click here. The pug guys and I can’t stop woofing about how much fun we had.

I’ve also used my puggy connections to organise some fancy cars so that the wedding party can arrive and depart the venue in style (but we have to keep that one a secret from Jasper & Jasmine as it is a surprise).

Last week I accompanied Jasper and we visited Gummi Pet Products where my human friend Jeremy helped me out yet again. With Jeremy we select the perfect wedding collars for the bride and groom. These blinged up collars, just like weddings rings are to symbolise Jasper & Jasmine’s union as husband and wife.

I’d better go as it’s just about time for my post dinner tantrum.

Human Tickets to the wedding are running out the door fast and all orders need to be made by Sunday the 10th of May to ensure that enough food is catered for! Make sure that you don’t miss out and buy yours now! Purchase your human tickets by Sunday the 10th of May here. Can’t wait to see you all on the big day. You had better all tell me how handsome I look in my tuxedo or I will sneeze on you!

Snort Snort Woof Woof

Frankie xxx