Wez On TVz! April 29, 2015 16:35

Hello Everypuggy!

It's Chief-Bridesmaid Fancy Nancy here, and Bestest Best-Pug eva, Feisty Frank!

Wez be SO excited that wez going to be on da TVz Channel 10 News tonight!! We organised the bestest Bucks and Hen’s Parties for Jasmine & Jasper whoz be having The Wedding of the Year!

Wez saved our puggy pocket money for our SOOPER SECRET partiez and went shopping for drinkz (lotz and lotz of drinkz), tiaraz (MINE!), devilz horns and wacky glasses.

Even though it be SOOPER SECRET, wez can tell you there be some very spesh guests that you will seez on Channel 10 news. Wez say a big puggy TANKS to Typo for helping us get into the groove thang by pug-a-fying our parties with their new puggy range, which be out soon.

Also a HOOGE thanks to Gummi Pet Products for helping us look the part with our awesomz-blingy leads and collars.

Stay tooned, it’s going to be pugtastic!!! Oh and if you hazn't got your ticket to the big event, why not??

Swing over to our interwebz site and don't miss out - wez be there!


Sniffz, snuggz and snortz,
Fancy Nancy and Feisty Frank xxx