Lola the Fashionista April 27, 2015 13:48

Hi Everypuggy!

I’m Lola (centre) - bridal couture fashion pug, with a penchant for clothes and shoes. I kinda like to drag things out from the wardrobe and lay 'em out just for fun. My dad (human) says I'm like Carrie Bradshaw except I'm not much of a writer, and I'm curvy (like Beyoncé) and she's no where as pretty.

Right now I am so full on busy sorting my gorgeousness ensemble for the pugarazzi wedding of the year. In-between my busy schedule at CBC; greeting and entertaining clients, meeting celebrities, and photo shoots, but I'm so excited to be designing Jasmine's wedding dress!

Well, with dad, although he's doing all the easy bits cos he's really only used to designing couture gowns for human brides and evening dresses for red carpet events ra ra ra… So its been all paws on deck designing Jasmine’s beautiful couture gown of swarovski crystals, tulle and French lace mhmm.

Dad says he's almost as obsessed with pugs as I am and we are hugely massive fans of Pug Rescue where we adopted lil' man, Wilbur (front) - he's VERY very VERY too cute to be my brother [sigh]. Sooo all the single ladies put your paws up - cos if you like it then ya better put a ring on it wuh uh oh oh.

My dad is pretty clever though - there's never been a double lamb chop I didn't adore as much as my hooman's couture creations, but the true luxury is when a bride knows, as she slips into her dress that he was only thinking of her when designing it, an' I know Jasmine will look 'n' feel like a pugillion dollars, an' I know Jasper be all up on her ya know what ai' sayin' - wuh uh uh oh oh oh uh oh oh oh - so get ya pug tails ready for the big day an' I'll smell ya at the wedding! ;oP

Purchase your tickets to the wedding of the year here.