Olly has purchased his Virtual Ticket - Have you? May 3, 2015 13:47

Hello Everypuggy,

It’s Jasper’s mate Olly here. PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC helped me find my forever Mummy almost 5 years ago and now life couldn’t be better!

When Jasper told me about his upcoming nuptials to the beautiful Jasmine I was over the moon. That is until I realised I couldn’t attend the wedding in pugson. What a disaster! Luckily my disappointment was short lived because the wedding is going to be live streamed! My Mummy has made sure that she purchased a Virtual Ticket for me and has linked the computer up to the Big TV so that I can be a part of the action (and to keep my eye on all of the eligible pugelorettes - I’m still looking for love). I’m thinking of having a big house party and inviting my Nanny, Granddad and Pug Uncles Huckleberry & Finn around to watch with me. It is going to be awesome!

You too can purchase a VIRTUAL TICKET so that no matter where you are in the world you can be a part of the wedding as well!

Oh and have you seen the Gift Registry yet? Jasmine & Jasper are such generous souls that in lieu of wedding gifts they have set up an online GIFT REGISTRY of essential things that will be donated to Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc. There are so many options that it is hard for me decide which present I want to give but I have saved up my pocket money and am leaning towards DENTAL WORK as I understand how hard it is for such squishy faced puggies to keep their breath smelling like roses. Even if you can’t make it to the wedding I know that Jasmine & Jasper will be forever grateful of any donation that you can provide to help their friends at Pug Rescue and will send many puggy hugs and kisses your way.

P.s. I heard on the grapevine that all the Puggy Tickets to the Wedding have now sold out and that the Hooman Tickets are running out the door fast! Make sure that you don’t miss out and order yours now! You can purchase your HUMAN TICKET here.

I can’t wait to see you all on the big screen at the Wedding of the Year!

Olly xoxo