Only 22 puggy tickets left! April 08, 2015 15:44

Hello Everypuggy,

Remember me! It’s Ed with the prosthetic leg. I have brought my ticket to the Wedding of the Year and I so excited about making a celebrity appearance. I have suit and bow tie ready and have been shining up my prosthetic leg ready for the big day.

VIP’s (Very Important Puggies) I wanted to make sure you have your hoomans sorted to get your ticket as I just heard from Jasper that there are only 22 pug tickets left, don’t miss out!

Get your ticket here: and if you can’t make it in person you can buy a virtual ticket and watch me live on your screen!! 

I’ll let you in on some behind the scenes wedding planning. I have been giving some pug advice to Frank about Jasper’s Bucks Party, luckily, I intervened or I think Jasmine would be just as worried as the bride was in that movie ‘Hangover!’ as Frank had something really wild planned. Frank has thankfully agreed that it wouldn’t be a good idea for us all to get legless.........

Pugs Rule

Ed xxx