Gav the Page Boy April 04, 2015 18:14

Hello Everypuggy, its Gav here the Page boy. I have been spending lots of time with Jasper and Frank and also checking out the ladies...

Here I am with Jasper’s hooman Dad, Matt. He is talking to me all about things I need to know for the big day.

Firstly I have to l practice slow walking, without any yipping or jumping in the air.

Secondly I have to practice my dance moves and be able to refrain from break dancing all the time.

Finally he informed me that it could get cool in the afternoon with a sea breeze and that I should be ready to offer the pug ladies my coat to keep warm. 

Wow so much to remember, I will be the best Puggy Page boy Yip Yip Yip (Oops) Gav xx