Writing Wedding Vows is Hungry Work! May 8, 2015 15:05

Hello Everypuggy,

Can you believe that there is only 10 days to go till I marry the love of my life?

I have to admit that I’m starting to get a little nervous. Especially after Jasmine's poop eating episode this morning. She was clearly just trying to outdo me after the chocolate debacle but the silly duffer got confused (I’ll blame it on her eyesight, which although it has improved in leaps and bounds since we started our journey with Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc. is still not perfect). Luckily our love is true and we are willing to accept each other no matter what our faults.

Lately I’ve been trying to write my vows but keep getting distracted by toast, glorious toast! Luckily my mind hasn’t been completely filled with dreams of culinary delights and I have got my curly tail into gear by researching some poems. I have found one that might just be perfect written by Gemma Correll. It is really hard to put down in words everything that Jasmine means to me when I normally just show her with puggy kisses & cuddles and holding her hand while we sleep. If you want to hear more then make sure you purchase a ticket to be with us on the big day!

I just checked the guest list and noticed that there are some tickets still available to the wedding. The hoomans are trying to finalise numbers for catering purposes so it would be terrific if you could by your ticket by Sunday 10th May or before they are all sold out, you can purchase your TICKETS HERE!

If you can’t make it on the day you can also purchase a VIRTUAL TICKET so that no matter where you are in the world you can be a part of the wedding as well via live stream!

And if you haven’t figured it out already we have set up an online Gift Registry of essential items that will be donated to Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc. They are our favourite charity in the world and we would really appreciate you showing your support by purchasing a GIFT REGISTRY ITEM HERE.

Licks & Grunts!


The Best Man's duties May 5, 2015 19:03

Hello Everypuggy,

It’s Best Man Feisty Frank checking in!

I can’t believe in under two weeks Jasper & Jasmine will put a ring on it and tie the knot!

In between having tantrums for food, letting Nancy have her way with me and keeping that silly young pug brat Gav in line, I’ve been slowly ticking the items of my Best Man to do list. I think that I have just about everything under control but as my human mum says, you never know what is going to happen one day to the next.

As you already know, I have organised for Godwin Charli to design the tuxedo’s for Jasper, Gav and myself with final fittings booked in for the end of the week. We should all look very dapper on the day! Gav says he is trying to buff up a bit as he is afraid he is going to look scrawny next to mine and Jasper’s buff puggy physiques. I hope a certain bridesmaid named Nancy appreciates the effort that I have gone to!

The Bachelor Party that I organised at the pub was a complete success. Gav licked the beer taps clean, Wilbur danced on the bar, Ed got legless, Ollie was king of karaoke and Jasper showed us all up with his pool shark abilities. Who would have thought that our adventures would make it to the big screen on Channel 10 News! In case you missed it, click here. The pug guys and I can’t stop woofing about how much fun we had.

I’ve also used my puggy connections to organise some fancy cars so that the wedding party can arrive and depart the venue in style (but we have to keep that one a secret from Jasper & Jasmine as it is a surprise).

Last week I accompanied Jasper and we visited Gummi Pet Products where my human friend Jeremy helped me out yet again. With Jeremy we select the perfect wedding collars for the bride and groom. These blinged up collars, just like weddings rings are to symbolise Jasper & Jasmine’s union as husband and wife.

I’d better go as it’s just about time for my post dinner tantrum.

Human Tickets to the wedding are running out the door fast and all orders need to be made by Sunday the 10th of May to ensure that enough food is catered for! Make sure that you don’t miss out and buy yours now! Purchase your human tickets by Sunday the 10th of May here. Can’t wait to see you all on the big day. You had better all tell me how handsome I look in my tuxedo or I will sneeze on you!

Snort Snort Woof Woof

Frankie xxx

Olly has purchased his Virtual Ticket - Have you? May 3, 2015 13:47

Hello Everypuggy,

It’s Jasper’s mate Olly here. PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC helped me find my forever Mummy almost 5 years ago and now life couldn’t be better!

When Jasper told me about his upcoming nuptials to the beautiful Jasmine I was over the moon. That is until I realised I couldn’t attend the wedding in pugson. What a disaster! Luckily my disappointment was short lived because the wedding is going to be live streamed! My Mummy has made sure that she purchased a Virtual Ticket for me and has linked the computer up to the Big TV so that I can be a part of the action (and to keep my eye on all of the eligible pugelorettes - I’m still looking for love). I’m thinking of having a big house party and inviting my Nanny, Granddad and Pug Uncles Huckleberry & Finn around to watch with me. It is going to be awesome!

You too can purchase a VIRTUAL TICKET so that no matter where you are in the world you can be a part of the wedding as well!

Oh and have you seen the Gift Registry yet? Jasmine & Jasper are such generous souls that in lieu of wedding gifts they have set up an online GIFT REGISTRY of essential things that will be donated to Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc. There are so many options that it is hard for me decide which present I want to give but I have saved up my pocket money and am leaning towards DENTAL WORK as I understand how hard it is for such squishy faced puggies to keep their breath smelling like roses. Even if you can’t make it to the wedding I know that Jasmine & Jasper will be forever grateful of any donation that you can provide to help their friends at Pug Rescue and will send many puggy hugs and kisses your way.

P.s. I heard on the grapevine that all the Puggy Tickets to the Wedding have now sold out and that the Hooman Tickets are running out the door fast! Make sure that you don’t miss out and order yours now! You can purchase your HUMAN TICKET here.

I can’t wait to see you all on the big screen at the Wedding of the Year!

Olly xoxo

Star Struck Bride April 30, 2015 15:47

Hello Everypuggy, 

Being a bride is so busy. I am just recovering from the awesome Hen’s Party that Nancy arranged and Pixie and Marli helped with. We had a lovely time at my hooman mum’s salon, Miss Gertrude. Our bling collars from a Gummi Pet Products made us feel so glam. The pug products from Typo really helped us puggy style the salon, as did the hair we left behind. And now more excitement tomorrow!

It’s a big day for my final dress fitting with Craig Braybrook and the gals. I think we also get to see our lovely head pieces made by the Human Chameleon. It’s all so pugtastic.

There is much to do and the countdown is on with just 17 days to go. Some other news Celebrity Mike Larkan from Channel 10 is going to be our Master of Ceremonies on the day, he is a great supporter of rescue dogs and we are a big fan of him.

Sometimes I tell hooman mum that I am becoming a bit star struck and overwhelmed with the generosity of others…she gives me a cuddle and tells me that despite being an adopted recycled pug I am worth it, which makes me feel much better.

In my spare time I have been working on my pawograph…what do you think?

Licks and Sniffs,

Jasi xx

Don’t miss out on the Wedding of the Year

Wez On TVz! April 29, 2015 16:35

Hello Everypuggy!

It's Chief-Bridesmaid Fancy Nancy here, and Bestest Best-Pug eva, Feisty Frank!

Wez be SO excited that wez going to be on da TVz Channel 10 News tonight!! We organised the bestest Bucks and Hen’s Parties for Jasmine & Jasper whoz be having The Wedding of the Year!

Wez saved our puggy pocket money for our SOOPER SECRET partiez and went shopping for drinkz (lotz and lotz of drinkz), tiaraz (MINE!), devilz horns and wacky glasses.

Even though it be SOOPER SECRET, wez can tell you there be some very spesh guests that you will seez on Channel 10 news. Wez say a big puggy TANKS to Typo for helping us get into the groove thang by pug-a-fying our parties with their new puggy range, which be out soon.

Also a HOOGE thanks to Gummi Pet Products for helping us look the part with our awesomz-blingy leads and collars.

Stay tooned, it’s going to be pugtastic!!! Oh and if you hazn't got your ticket to the big event, why not??

Swing over to our interwebz site and don't miss out - wez be there!

Sniffz, snuggz and snortz,
Fancy Nancy and Feisty Frank xxx

Lola the Fashionista April 27, 2015 13:48

Hi Everypuggy!

I’m Lola (centre) - bridal couture fashion pug, with a penchant for clothes and shoes. I kinda like to drag things out from the wardrobe and lay 'em out just for fun. My dad (human) says I'm like Carrie Bradshaw except I'm not much of a writer, and I'm curvy (like Beyoncé) and she's no where as pretty.

Right now I am so full on busy sorting my gorgeousness ensemble for the pugarazzi wedding of the year. In-between my busy schedule at CBC; greeting and entertaining clients, meeting celebrities, and photo shoots, but I'm so excited to be designing Jasmine's wedding dress!

Well, with dad, although he's doing all the easy bits cos he's really only used to designing couture gowns for human brides and evening dresses for red carpet events ra ra ra… So its been all paws on deck designing Jasmine’s beautiful couture gown of swarovski crystals, tulle and French lace mhmm.

Dad says he's almost as obsessed with pugs as I am and we are hugely massive fans of Pug Rescue where we adopted lil' man, Wilbur (front) - he's VERY very VERY too cute to be my brother [sigh]. Sooo all the single ladies put your paws up - cos if you like it then ya better put a ring on it wuh uh oh oh.

My dad is pretty clever though - there's never been a double lamb chop I didn't adore as much as my hooman's couture creations, but the true luxury is when a bride knows, as she slips into her dress that he was only thinking of her when designing it, an' I know Jasmine will look 'n' feel like a pugillion dollars, an' I know Jasper be all up on her ya know what ai' sayin' - wuh uh uh oh oh oh uh oh oh oh - so get ya pug tails ready for the big day an' I'll smell ya at the wedding! ;oP

Purchase your tickets to the wedding of the year here.

Our Wedding Celebrant April 23, 2015 14:20

Hi! I’m Shannon Jeans, fellow pug owner and lover, and a full time civil celebrant from Cloud9 Celebrations who is absolutely thrilled to be the lucky celebrant ‘marrying’ Jasper and Jasmine at the upcoming ‘wedding of the year.’

When I heard that Jasper and Jasmine were planning to tie the knot I was only too excited to get involved. Not only to revel in the happily ever after of two very deserving little critters, but also to assist in supporting Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria.

It’s certainly going to be an honour sharing the story of Jasper and Jasmine to date, as well as pronouncing them ‘husband and wife’ in front of so many of their nearest and dearest pug loving friends, including my own fur babies Pablo the Pug and Chilli the Puggle who have virtual tickets with access to watch the live video stream of the event from the comfort of their own beds!

I already consider myself privileged each and every week, being the celebrant chosen to officiate such monumental occasions for my couples, but the wedding of Jasper and Jasmine really is quite a ‘bone-us’ as I’ll be working alongside some of the wedding industry’s finest suppliers on the day to ensure that our Bride and Groom really do experience the happiest day of their lives.

With the 'I do’s' only weeks away now, it’s time to snap up your ticket to join us at West Beach Pavilion, St Kilda to witness and celebrate Jasper and Jasmine’s pug love and to ensure that they remain on Cloud9 on their wedding day.

Gloria the model April 20, 2015 16:44

Hello Pugs of Melbourne and extended pugs of the world!

My name is Gloria the pug. I'm a humble pug model, a huge animal welfare advocate and a great supporter of the work that Pug Rescue Victoria do.

I was born into a life of fashion and glamour. My mum grew up modelling and acting, she is now a talent agent with her own agency. She is my 'momager' and I like to think, although I am just a pug, that I am her number 1 client. I have taken part in many shoots but in particular, my favourite job was when I joined in on my dad's campaign shoot for his fashion brand Godwin Charli. His clothing designs are worn by the humans, celebrities and AFL players for major film premiers and award events. Recent red carpet appearances such as The Oscars, Canne Film Festival, The Brownlow Medal, TV Week Logie Awards, and The AFI Awards.

Normally, my dad designs and produces for these black tie events for humans only. But after a bit of a brainstorm, he thought he would donate his time and skills to the great cause that is Jasper and Jasmine's wedding and fundraiser for Pug Rescue. He will be creating a one off tailored tuxedo for Jasper and his two groomsman Gav & Frank.

I am very excited for Jasper and Jasmine's upcoming wedding and I can't wait to socialise with all the other pugs and humans. I'm most excited to see the puggy fashion trends and snort along in celebration of the momentous occasion.


Instagram: @godwincharli @gloriathepug

Every pug is a winner – Thanks to our Super Sponsor, Winston! April 16, 2015 12:42

Hi I am Winston of Winston Manner, 

I would like to congratulate Jasper and Jasmine on their pending nuptials. I am a hopeless romantic. For me true love is just a sneeze away.

Apart from being handsome, cheeky and confident, I also have my own label (total catch I know). Between my morning puppycino and watching Bold and the Beautiful in the afternoon (I never miss an episode), I like to keep up with the latest fashion. Which is why I have designed my own unique range for dogs with style, with a special focus on being adjustable, especially for those of us with extra rolls.

I am delighted to announce that I will be ensuring every pug will go home with their very own Winston Manner couture. Every four-legged guest will receive a Winston Manner Chic Noir leash on the day!

Winston Manner is the must have designer label for every pug. Choose from the latest fashion fabrics or printed canvas. There is a collar, leash or harness to suit your style.

The dog harnesses are especially designed for Pugs like me who may be a little rounder in the belly and hard to fit.

Once you have one of my styles you will be begging for more.

The Chic Noir designer dog leash is for dogs with class, you will be the envy of all your puppycino friends. The black and white chic raised print is stitched onto our soft black bamboo strapping. 

Whilst I would love to be licking faces and doing the bum jiggle at the wedding, unfortunately they won’t let me fly top deck. So I am sending the human along with some vouchers for the silent auction and some cash to get the party started. So if you are like me and can’t be there in pugson on the day, why don’t you buy a virtual ticket and have pug wedding party from a far!

I leave you with a couple of tips on wedding etiquette:

  1. Its impolite to sniff someone’s butt for longer than 15 seconds
  2. Remember inhaling kibble makes you vomit…… chew…. chew….. chew
  3. If you like da look of da lady’s bum jiggle…… lick faces and if that goes well go in for da sneeze
  4. Choose pugs not drugs…. Stay away from anyone with da drugs
  5. If they sit you next to the boring uncle…. Muster up all of your farts… he will leave

Have a great time guys! launches on the 20th of April for preorders. Email us or follow us on Facebook or instagram @winstonmanner

Love Winston

Leading you in pawsome fashion!!

Hello from Cookie Monster! April 13, 2015 18:33

Hello Everypuggy,

Do you remember me, its Cookie Monster! I used to be a very sick girl with demodex mange but thankfully Pug Rescue & Adoption Vic Inc. rescued me and made me all better. Look at me now, WOW!

I am very excited to be making a celebrity puggy appearance at the Wedding of the Year, Jasper and Jasmines on the 17th of May, in St Kilda. Here I am with my human’s Kylie and Daniel and my puggy brother Chip. As you can see we are seasoned wedding attendees.

Very Important Puggies I want you all make sure your human’s have got your ticket as I just heard from Jasmine that there are only 7 pug tickets left, don’t miss out! Tickets 

I hear on the low down that there will be much to do on the day, especially looking forward to the doggie treat bar, the Photobooth and our VIP puggy guest bags we get to take home.

Pugs and Kisses Cookie Monster xxxx

Only 22 puggy tickets left! April 8, 2015 15:44

Hello Everypuggy,

Remember me! It’s Ed with the prosthetic leg. I have brought my ticket to the Wedding of the Year and I so excited about making a celebrity appearance. I have suit and bow tie ready and have been shining up my prosthetic leg ready for the big day.

VIP’s (Very Important Puggies) I wanted to make sure you have your hoomans sorted to get your ticket as I just heard from Jasper that there are only 22 pug tickets left, don’t miss out!

Get your ticket here: and if you can’t make it in person you can buy a virtual ticket and watch me live on your screen!! 

I’ll let you in on some behind the scenes wedding planning. I have been giving some pug advice to Frank about Jasper’s Bucks Party, luckily, I intervened or I think Jasmine would be just as worried as the bride was in that movie ‘Hangover!’ as Frank had something really wild planned. Frank has thankfully agreed that it wouldn’t be a good idea for us all to get legless.........

Pugs Rule

Ed xxx

Gav the Page Boy April 4, 2015 18:14

Hello Everypuggy, its Gav here the Page boy. I have been spending lots of time with Jasper and Frank and also checking out the ladies...

Here I am with Jasper’s hooman Dad, Matt. He is talking to me all about things I need to know for the big day.

Firstly I have to l practice slow walking, without any yipping or jumping in the air.

Secondly I have to practice my dance moves and be able to refrain from break dancing all the time.

Finally he informed me that it could get cool in the afternoon with a sea breeze and that I should be ready to offer the pug ladies my coat to keep warm. 

Wow so much to remember, I will be the best Puggy Page boy Yip Yip Yip (Oops) Gav xx